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Above you can see the world famous Gili Islands off the North West coast of Lombok, Indonesia. Gili means "small island". There are many more less developed gilis dotted along the coast, but you are looking at the best known. From left to right they are Gili Trawangan (trah-wung-un) a.k.a Gili T, Gili Meno (may-no) & Gili Air (eye-air).

Gili Pearl Villa is located on Gili Trawangan the most popular of the 3 islands. People come from all over the world to experience the tropical desert island feel of the Gilis, the coral & deep diving sites, or just to hang out as daytime beachcombers & night time party people for a while. In 2011 Lonely Planet named Gili Trawangan one of its hot destinations. On Gili T the mantra "No cars, No motorcycles, No dogs, No worries" sums up the reason why many take the side trip to Gili T from Bali.

Bali is still the main gateway to the Gilis although some international flights have commenced that to go direct to Lombok's new airport. Currently there are no direct flights from Australia to Lombok. From Bali you have 2 options - 1/ An approx 2-2.5 hour fastboat trip direct to the beach on Gili T or 2/ Catch a flight to Lombok (20 minutes + transfer & check-in & waiting times) followed by a road trip (1.5 hour) & finally 10 minutes by speedboat to land on Gili T. Yep option 1/ looks the easiest (except in rough weather).

Whatever option you choose we can arrange transfers from your hotel in Bali to the boat harbour or the airport. If you fly the transfers include pick-up from Lombok Airport for the drive to your waiting speedboat. In both cases you'll be met at your arrival on Gili T & directed to Gili Pearl Villa.

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Gili Trawangan Lombok. Indonesia.

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